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Product Description

Pick any platinum print from James Mulligan’s table of equal value with an event ‘Golden Ticket’!

Buy a platinum print anytime before or during a show. Waiting in another line, or in a workshop and panel? Now you can save your cash and buy platinum prints online on your device and pick them up anytime during the show. Simply complete payment online, present your confirmation email to James and select your platinum print. It’s that easy.

Please Note: Platinum Prints are limited to available event stock. James reserves the right to work out a compromise solution with customer if all Platinum Prints are ‘out of stock’.

Product Details

- Size: 11 x 14

- Paper Stock: Platinum Process

- Finishing: Platinum Process

- Signature: Included with Purchase


Event Platinum Process Pricing: $50.00

In-Attendance Order (5 Available)
In Stock (870 available)
Event: Megacon Orlando 2020